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Nov 1, 2005
As the server hosting the TCC website is slowly running out of disc space I shall have to move the entire site to our other server within the next few days. I hope that the move will be seamless, but I will have to close the forum and all related modules. Please check for announcements.

In addition to that, we will upgrade the blog software. The current module we use is no longer developed and supported. According to the developers there seem to be issues importing current blog entries.

I therefore urge all blog owners to save and backup their data!*

In the worst case the blog entries will need to be reposted. Sorry about the inconvenience! :eek:uch:

*I suggest you go to your blog entries, click on "Edit", copy the source code into a text file (.txt) and save it onto your local hard drive.
Sora-san, thanks for the translation! :)


TCCの容量増加に伴いサーバーを変更します。 それに伴いブログのソフトを変更させていただきます(従来のブログソフトのサポートがなされていないためいつ不測の事態への対応ができないためです)。


As of today, I will disable the blogs on the TCC forum, as the current blogging software is no longer supported and prevents us from upgrading the forum to the latest stable version. I am not sure yet whether we can reimport the blog entries, probably they will need to be reposted.

I am sorry for the inconvenience!



as of today, i will disable the blogs on the tcc forum, as the current blogging software is no longer supported and prevents us from upgrading the forum to the latest stable version. I am not sure yet whether we can reimport the blog entries, probably they will need to be reposted.

I am sorry for the inconvenience!
As you may have noticed we have updated the software powering the TCC website. These changes were necessary as the software version we had been running previously posed a potential security risk. The downside of the upgrade was the we were no longer able to maintain the blog module. The blog we had been using at TCC is no longer in development and therefore obsolete. As a seamless switch to the new blogging software (also developed by vB) was not feasible, we saw no other option but to delete the old blog. In case you have been saving backups of your entries (as recommended here), you will now be able to post them to the new blog system which is fully integrated into the forum. I backed up the blogs, but it seems that Japanese text has turned into 'mojibake', garbled characters. My apologies once again to Naomi-san whose Kusatsu entry had been deleted by accident!

Other changes:

- Thread tagging: tags allow you to add keywords to new threads, contributing to search engine optimisation. Therefore, if you start a thread, please add tags!

- Social bookmarking: administrators can now define a list of their favorite social bookmarking sites and have them available for use on the showthread page for bookmarking threads.

- Social groups: to further social cohesion between users and to encourage people to make friends, the forum now includes a facility to allow users to create their own social/interest groups (with invite only and moderated membership options). These groups are enhanced by having their own public messaging system, and the ability to add pictures to the group from user albums. I have created one social group so far, Team フリーター. Social groups can be accessed through the "Community" link in the top menu.

- Lightbox viewer: clicking on an attached image will now open a lightbox rather than open a new window, with the image scaled to fit the browser viewport. A click on the image in the lightbox will open it in a new window as before.

etc, etc.

Also, in the light of ever increasing spam activities, we have switched to moderating new members. They can only start posting once their registration has been approved.

If you have any questions, please post them to this thread. And please update and/or make use of your blogs! :)
Awed and heartfelt thanks...

as always to Sora-san and Thomas for providing this fantastic site. And it keeps getting even better... :eek:

Chapeau, gentlemen!
Thanks for your kind words, Phil.... :)

One more thing I forgot to mention.... I still have to migrate the site to our backup server before GW. :warau:


今回の大きな特徴として、コミュニティ機能がつきました!mixiのようなコミュニティの作成が可能になった模様です(すいません、まだ使い方を理解していません)。すでにThomasさんが、"Team フリーター"を作ってますね。Team OSOIもコミュニティ化してみません?:rolleyes:
④Lightbox viewerがつきました。といってもこれもイマイチまだわかっていません。



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