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Silver week mountain challenge (September 19-20)...


Speeding Up
Jun 13, 2007
Hi all,

Here's what the Challenge is like -

It's a 2 day (19th and 20th of September) ride, approx. 400km distance with more than 7000m of ascent.
The route is Ome -> rt.299 -> Chino -> rt.152 -> Hamamatsu
(stopping at a hotel or minshuku in Chino for 1 night - the place is not decided yet.)

DO YOU WANT to find out how much of a MOUNTAIN GOAT you are?
Then this ride is for you!!! :cool:

This route is the combination of 2 epic rides introduced to TCC by Arai-san (Akiba-kaido and Attack 299). Thanks, Arai-san, for telling about these interesting rides! :)

Datailed route
Day 1:

Day 2:

- Thomas
- Sergei (kpykc)

I think it's possible to bail out (or take an easier route for day 2) after the day 1, at Chino, if things get too tough.
Ahaha :D Sergey, this is a great, great idea. It is great as an IDEA.:p I would never think of doing this. But I believe you can make this idea realize.

You may start as early as possible in both days since both are over 10 hours ride.

I will do the Attack 299 Reverse as planned at Sept.20. I am not sure if we can encounter each other.

Anyway, good luck to you

Minoru Arai
Pure masochism

I have to echo Arai-san's point. Steve and I set out to replicate Aria-san's ride about a month ago, Chino to Hamamatsucho but over two days. We stayed in a minshuku in an amazing valley, the village is called Hinata (about 100kms in). Although we set off at 9am, we'd gone at a bit of a gentlemanly pace and got there by nightfall, three hooking great toge's later.

We had to bail out due to a typhoon on the second day so only turned right onto 418 before taking something like a six hour train journey to get back to Tokyo - that's the only bail out option once you get down there.

I couldn't really imagine doing it in one day, but good luck. It's a really nice route.


Thanks, Thomas, you are the best company!

All I can say about the ride is - EXTREME!!!!! (more details to come... probably :))


Let's NOT do it again :warau:

Well done, guys! That's quite an accomplishment. I look forward to hearing some details after you recover!

Yes, it was extreme indeed. Sergey, thanks again for that exhilarating experience. Arai-san, thanks for the inspiration.

Would I do it again? Yes, but probably not tomorrow.

Find my blog entry here.
I'll admit I was sceptical that it could be done, but with respectful deference, and admiration, I doff my helmet to your strength of character (and legs) in completing this mighty ride.

I also liked your blog and photos, Thomas.

Well done chaps,

Congrats guys, and thanks for the report and pics. Once again, you redefine "epic."
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