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Maximum Pace
Sep 13, 2010
Thanks for asking, but no worries for us here. No flooding in our little neighbourhood and the drains seem to have coped ok. Went to look at the main river through town (Kagamigawa) this evening and that was higher than I`ve ever seen it by quite a multitude (way higher even than with the 2011 tsunami) but we`re far enough away from it (5 min walk), that it`s not an issue for us even if it does overflow all the banking...well fingers crossed..

Was funny. There was supposed to be a Kochi cycling century ride event today round the valley at the back, and sensibly they cancelled it early this morning - I decided last night that it wouldn`t be worth going and went for a run instead in a dryish half-hour we had, but some people - maybe it got lost in the translation - seemed like they would still have gone (or even had already set-off), unless it was officially cancelled...really, you want to ride in this :eek: for 5/6 hours :eek::eek:


Maximum Pace
Mar 4, 2008
What happened to FAREAST? Gone West?
Still sulking over Cav crashing out on day one of the Tour?
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