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Sights on the narrow road to Touhoku


Jan 13, 2010
I've been playing around a little with Google Maps (early draft of my route) looking at how I'll bike up to Ishinomaki to do some more tsunami relief/reconstruction volunteering this summer. I thought I'd see some of the more southern coast I haven't been to before (I know a lot of it is boring but I want to see how recovery is going) but I also have to head inland for a bit to avoid the radiation exclusion zone. I've looking for interesting places to see along the way without having to go too far off this route. e.g. I'd love to see the thatch-roofed houses in Shimogou but that is a lot further so I'm hoping there is a similar spot someone knows closer to my route. I just found out about the Abukuma Cave so that's gone on my list of sights. I'm also wondering whether it's worth the effort to ride up to Zao-san.

Yoroshiku onegaishimaaaaasu!
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