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Sold! Sidi Ergo 3 Carbon Shoes size small 43


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
I bought these Sidi shoes after having an older version in size 43, but they were just too tight for me. I wore them about 10 times before giving up and buying something different.

These are top-of-the-line Italian shoes. They have a light and stiff carbon sole, with a vent at the front that can be opened or closed depending on weather conditions. The sole is compatible with Shimano, Look, and Time cleats. The heel tread is replaceable.
The upper is a tough synthetic leather in glossy black, with venting around the toes.
The closure is by a combination of a ratchet strap, a dial and a velcro strap for the toes, so they are very secure on your feet. The width at the heel is also adjustable.

I estimate that they would fit a size 41-42 foot.
Asking 10,000 Yen.



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Maximum Pace
Dec 12, 2008
Hi Alan,

I am interested. Please let me know how we can proceed?



Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Yeah - they come up half a size smaller than the Sidi Ergo 2. Fortunately I got warned about this by one of my team mates.

Bloody hells bells - 10,000 JPY for a 40,000 JPY pair of shoes is a bargain!
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