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Jul 26, 2008
Was going thru some things and came across lots of pics of China. These are either late '82 or early '83, was there for about a year then. I was issued a ration chit for a bike, and got a Feng Huang, kind of the cadillac of the chinese bike world at the time. But even still, it had quality issues like both hubs and the BB weren't right, and one of those side-of-the-road mechanics discovered that they were missing bearings... (then fixed)

Before this trip, I was reading Bicycling magazine, and when I saw the world of bikes there I considered offering them a story on it--which I never did, but I did take a lot of bike pics. There were no designs like the child carriers on the mama-chari here, and instead there were sidecars: (notice the background in the upper right pic!)

sidecars x4 copy.jpg

And, still not being able to get on a bike, this is what I would be able to ride. I think you pedal with your right, steer with your left:

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Maximum Pace
Dec 8, 2014
I guess there weren't many cars on the street at that time. It looks like a cyclist's paradise.
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