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Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Well the UCI World Tour kicks off this week and the big show down will be the head to head between Mark Cavendish and André Greipel.

So who you cheering on?

No guess whom I'll be cheering on! :D
It's gonna be a sprinters battle (snoozefest), as usual, so I'm gonna root for any crazy breakaway / attakers who can win the whole thing on a single stage :)
Over the hill McEwen as probably his last year on tour and would be nice for him to win a stage on home soil.
1 23 Matthew Goss HTC-Highroad 1:05:12
2 26 Mark Renshaw HTC-Highroad st
3 12 Robbie McEwen Radio Shack st
10 61 Allan Davis Astana st
15 1 Andr Greipel Omega Pharma-Lotto st
108 21 Mark Cavendish HTC-Highroad st

That was basically the Prologue...
Did you see the crash that took out Greg Henderson? Seems to have trapped several of the riders including Cavendish and Greipel. Greipel seems to have gone at it but Cavendish decided to sit in and let it go.

It now makes more sense for HTC to support Matthew Goss as he can climb very well and has a chance to take the tour.
Where to watch?

I see my normal go to cyclingfans.com is not streaming this tour until the last two days.

Where are you all watching the race? I was ready to watch todays race in full effect from the start gun at 11 am, BUT CAN NOT FIND IT:(
Looks like it could be a Matthew Goss vs Robbie McEwen
Looks like it could be a Matthew Goss vs Robbie McEwen

I don't think Mc has his sights on the GC and would be happy with not one but two stage wins. Too bad Goss got snagged in a crash today. Getting interesting.

Cav just there to get some miles in his legs I suppose... no need to try and win stages this early in the year. (and risk crash injuries).
Didn't expect any breaks to succeed, but i'll be damned :) Even radios didn't help them to catch the escapees - maybe it was a conspirancy by the sprinters teams to show that radios do not help to catch breakaways and, therefore, should not be banned? :cool:
well at least the Auzzies won something this year ;)
kiwisimon; that torrent site is gold! Thanks for posting!

Really enjoyed watching this. Seemed pretty hardcore. The downhill sections on Stage 5 were mad fast.
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