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Speeding Up
Dec 28, 2009
I currently ride Shimano road shoes in a size 45, but am thinking of making the switch to Lake. Want to buy online, and am aware of the risk. Does anyone have any info on the comparison in sizes between these two?
Does Lake not have an online size scale? I have found that some companies actually have a printable size chart that you print out and work out the size you need.

If you can't find them drop them an email!
The other thing to realise is that manufacturers typically don't make the shoes but order other factories to make them with their names on them. Each factory has slightly different sized lasts that affect the size of the final product. My Shimano MTB shoes were made in Italy. My Shimano Road shoes were made in China. Same size on the label but the Italian shoes are probably a CM shorter. That's okay cause I do almost zero walking in them. Waiting for my Lake sandals to arrive this week.:D
Better shave your toes then!!!
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