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Shiraishitoge the Gentle Way


Apr 23, 2006
Friday morning found Yasuhiro at my place at 7.40 and of we went to Shakujiikoen station to catch the 8.16 to Chichibu. Bikes bagged we jumped on the train to find of course, GW, it was packed! Had to stand all the way to Chichibu, 90 mins. Finally arrived, assembled the bikes and headed off.

I have done this one before in winter from the eastern side, but the Chichibu side is MUCH more friendly.

It was a beautiful day and we found the road easily which was flat for the first 7 km and then gradually switchbacked its way to the top, very easy 7km climb, we never dropped under 12km all the way up and it is about 600m.

We had the usual celebratory beers at the top of sadamine toge. Man, there were LOTS of people out that day, it looked like the Tokyo Cycle Show. We pushed on the top of Shiraishi toge, the climb being short but much steeper up to there. From there it was downhill all the way. Most riders had done the climb from the eastern side, and it is a real leg breaker I have to say. Going downhill and looking at the faces masked in pain going up the bugger does give one a moment of albeit sadistic pleasure!

For those of you looking for a first hill climb or just a really pleasant day out I would have to recommend this climb. Beautiful scenary and views, not too grueling!

We had a fast ride back to Tokyo with a few stops for refuelling, 80kms for the day.

Looking forward to the Westside now!:D

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