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Shiraishi is open for business


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
Top run up to Shiraishi today. Great to be back out in the mountains, amazing the destruction to the trees from that last snowstorm.

The road was clear except for a few icy patches, but no real risk and most could just be avoided.
Of course when you got to the top there aren't to many options. Except back down... This is looking down the road towards the pizza shop. About 30cm deep.


Anyway it was a good opener to the season, my recent focus on my trainer has been pedaling technique. I think it's paying off, it was my second fastest time up there and right on my best power output but I am about 2.5kg over what I will be in summer and what I was on my best effort.
Again I mistimed the end got nailed by the last steeper section about 300m from the end.. its a sneaky hill in that respect..

Anyway top stuff, if anyone is interested in our route which was really nice here it is...

time to put the knife away, stop killing steaks @Yamabushi and dust off the cannondale!
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Maximum Pace
Sep 20, 2012
Sweet. Thanks for the info. Think I'll be heading over that way very soon.

Could agree more with you regarding @Yamabushi

Mlac Peek

Peek pace master
Jun 12, 2012
Killer ride Blob. Looking forward to more of the same this spring, especially that nasty southerly headwind coming back down the river. Good stuff.


Tokyo Cycling Club
Jun 30, 2013
Nice one. Will be on that like a mentalist next week.

Andy in Tokyo

Maximum Pace
Dec 16, 2012
I think I saw you guys heading down as I was coming up. No sonic boom, though! It was my first time up there, and the first climbing I'd done since May last year. Almost forgot how awesome it is to descend like a maniac! Was surprised at how busy it was, too, but then again everyone must be gagging to get out into the mountains proper again.
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