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Nov 8, 2023
Hello bikers,
I am sure this has been asked already, but which is the best way to ship your bike internationally (Italy in my case), assuming I have the box? I have checked DHL online but it's crazy expensive (250.000JPY). Any good experiences to share? Thanx
Shipping is crazy expensive.
Carrying it on an aeroplane as an extra piece of luggage is cheapest.
When you buy your air ticket include an extra suitcase or two (if you are taking two bikes).
Why so expensive? When I buy online bike to be shipped from US to Jp, it was kind of cheap, but the other way around as private It outrages
I know, it's always been this way, sucks for us bike owners. Are you taking the Rohloff Equilibrium away?
No, I would like to bring my mtb for the summer in Europe, but complicated!
Maybe try Japan Post EMS or Surface for up to 30kg and box size of L (1.5m max)+ W + D = 3m.
But I think your best option still is to pay the baggage fees if any to bring it with you on the plane. Or upgrade your ticket class!
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I got hit with baggage charges once, could have flown a friend up empty handed for a free holiday to mule my stuff back.
But since you are going there,fly together.
Yup, that's the solution. Depending on your airline and flight route, you might have two pieces of free luggage. Then you can take the bike for free if you only check in one suitcase. Otherwise, it costs about ¥20,000. Make sure to call in advance, though.

Whether a rental bike is an option depends on where you are going, for how long you are renting and what kind of spec you want for the rental. Moneywise, it is probably cheaper to take your bike with you if you use it regularly. Still, rentals might be less of a hassle.
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