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Jan 20, 2009
Can anyone tell me about traffic volume on the Shinshu Kaido (Rte 152),
specifically going from Hamamatsu towards Iida? Obviously the Hamamatsu area will be busy, but how about after that? I have the choice of going on a regular weekday, weekend or possibly in Golden Week.

In particular, I'm allergic to large trucks so any input on that would be greatly appreciated:)
Do you mean Akiba Kaido (r152) or Enshu Kaido (r151)?

The former is almost free of traffic, at least once Iida-sen turns off and there is not much civilisation left. It is a beautiful road, but also involves quite some climbing over several passes. Note that in two places the road does not go straight through two passes, but follows rindos that wind up and down the mountains. If you look carefully on maps, you will see what I mean.

Enshu Kaido I am not sure, but it is likely to have a lot more traffic as it is the access road into the Iida valley from the south.

BTW, I don't think the Akiba Kaido passes would be open at this time of the year - the Minami Alps are still heavily covered in snow and will remain so for a while.
Let me know!

If you need some company I live in the area.......
Ludwigs got it right with the traffic, and the snow!
Thanks guys, I guess I mean the Enshu kaido, although the Akiba sounds much more attractive.

@ProRace I see you are in the Ina area. I used to work one day a week in Komagane. Put the bike in the van and then after work (time permitting) climbed that road that goes up to the ropeway. Forget the name though. All I remember was the steep gradient, monkeys and the ban on all cars after the entrance gate. Wonderful!
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