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Shimano to Campy


Maximum Pace
Oct 13, 2007
I have Ksyrium ES wheels and run Shimano. Does anyone know whether I would be able to change to a Campy 11-speed cassette by using a "Mavic Replacement Freehub Body" ?

I know this works with 10-speed cassettes, but I can't confirm on the googlenets whether it would also be compatible with 11-speed units. My guess is that it would be OK, but I wanted to get some other views.

Any ideas, oh wise ones?



(Posting at 2 a.m. -- the joys of working the night shift...)
OK, I just found this on bicycling.com:

1. The 11 speed cassettes use the same cassette spline pattern as 10-speed cassettes.

2. Any Campy 10-speed compatible wheel will be compatible with Campy 11 speed.

I think that means I can slap a new Mavic freehub thingamajig on my back wheel and go with the fancy new 11 speed stuff.

Thanks, Deej! No probs, Deej.
Deej, I think you must've been drinking that coffee you reviewed a few years back:D

Mate, hope to see you on the road or in a bar somewhere soon.
Hey Mike. I didn't set out to answer my own question, but I just happened to find some relevant info shortly after posting. No canned coffee was involved.

I'd love to see you on the road, man, but I thought you were hibernating at the moment. I'm game for a beer, though!

Riding about once every fortnight Deej. Simon or I will be in touch about that beer:)
That's you off Mike's Christmas card list! :p

Ha! Yeah, I thought about Mike when I posted this. Come to think of it, I don't think he ever gave us an answer as to why he wouldn't consider Campy...
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