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Shimano RSX


Maximum Pace
Mar 4, 2008
Going back to the UK for a summer break, I've got an old bike that belonged to my brother at least 25 years ago. Cables are shot so will be replacing those and the tires.
Do any of the "old uns" on here have any tips for cable replacement on RSX?
Any surprises waiting for me. I'm planning to use regular Shimano cables and not too bothered about the FD as there are no hills in the UK my awesome power couldn't climb in the big ring!


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
Current Shimano cables for gears and brakes should be a direct replacement fit. Change the outer and the inner to get reasonable performance.
Gear cables should come out the side of the shifter (assuming it's STI-type). Put the shifter in the smallest cog / chainring, release the cable anchor bolt, pull the brake lever to the handlebar and push the cable out of the shifter. Brake cables might need you to remove the plastic cover at the front of the shifter.

Grease inside the shifter will likely be gummy - WD40 to flush out.
Probably need new brake blocks too; even if they are not worn they will be rock-hard and won't stop you - yikes!
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