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Shimano Alfine Hub - Tokyo Bike Shop


Mar 30, 2008
Hello Everyone,

I am a cyclist from Singapore.
In May, I will be visiting Tokyo for vacation with my wife & kids.
I have only 1 item in my shopping list.
1)Shimano Alfine Hub http://cycle.shimano.co.jp/catalog/...8474395181820&bmUID=1207209394365&bmLocale=ja

Would any kind soul advise me where can I purchase this hub in Tokyo?
Of course the shop with competitive price.
It would be great if you can point me to a "huge" bicycle shop with good pricing.....I need to add couple more parts to my shopping list.

Thank you so much in advance.....

p/s: If you guys need any information about Singapore....pls feel free to contact me.
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