Shave your head and eat and drink for ¥48


Maximum Pace
Aug 28, 2012
A lovely idea for the gourmands among us, but is this for real or perhaps just a practical joke? It is indeed what says, but refers the reader to the dive's own web page (actually the page about lunch); and there's no mention of this 99%-off deal either there or in the list of plans, as far as I can see. Moreover, I can't guess at the logic to it -- why would some place give away food to the shaven-headed and baldies? (The whole deal reminds me of the email I used to get years ago, according to which Bill Gates wanted to give me $200, a new computer, or whatever.)


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
microcord - I've seen these so called 'campaigns' a thousand times in Shinjuku. Basically it works like this.

1) They have already placed about 250 stoolies to burn up the entrance time (5pm, right?)
2) They process very slowly - so chances are you'd never reach the actual entry time.
3) If you do - you'd likely get about 20min - 30min max to partake of the 'campaign'
4) During which time, since you are on a campaign special, everything is limited - and of course the 'serving staff' will constantly avoid you, thus, you'll be lucky to get 1 beer and a plate of stale edamame.

However - they will have nearly toothless oyaji photographers cruising the joint snapping every 'maruguri' person in sight from which to display prominently on their 'HP'. I thought 2x about this - then reality struck.
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