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Shall we go to "Syoumaru-pass" in this weekend !!


May 27, 2007
This is "Basso fan JP", from west-tokyo-city:)
I like road bike very well !! Evry weekend ride to many peace & some race.:bike:

In this saturday (Jun 2nd) I have plan of ride to "Syoumaru-pass" from my town.
That is also one way 50km(Total 100km+) and need 4hours on saddle:cool:

Rast sunday I ride on TOJ (Tour of Japan) amateur race masters class, That very nice race. But results ......:warau:

Generally I ride with some friend on sunday's,
They has do not ride on saturday's.
If you have free time at that day, Shall we ride with me !!

That plan is 7:00 start on "Hibarigaoka-ST" or "Tanasi-ST".
I guide a rescheduling€:welcome:
I need to return at 16:00.
I guess everybody is busy too or a bit apprehensive because you are a new member and nobody knows you well enough. I think people would like to ride with you but they probably want to meet you in a larger group first. I suggest you come along to one of the next few organised rides first.

I'm going to take my wife up to Mt. Tsukuba on Saturday afternoon.
Sunday along the Edo river (as usual). West Tokyo is a long way for me so will need a big organised ride to get me out of my comfort zone.

Good luck and always post your rides. Somebody will come along some day.
Thank you Mr EdogawaKikkoman!! So that good advice for me.

Few years go I live in Misato-city, Bicouse Edo-river cycling-road was my home couse that times.;)
Also ride from devid of storm at Sekiyado-town to Tokyo-bay side Kasai seaside-park's.
And that time my cycling club office was at Yasiosi-city, That is moving to Musasino-city now.
We are many time ride to Mt'Tukuba on 4-season's.
In distance also with exactly sufficient Mt'Tsukuba, some time we try to "Pachinnko ride".
That is how many can to the passing to pass on one day, Yes! that name from like are Pachinnko game. That game mostry chareng was 13-pass get on spend 11hours door to door.

Maybe you konw Soba(buckwheat noodles)restrant near of the Shinshu-pass that is very nice, If go to that pass in this weekend please try to that!:thumb:

Let's do cycling with you together by all means if there is an opportunity.
In addition, please come to cycling in the West-Tokyo area once by all means.

We have plan of cycling in mid July, That is from our town(West-Tokyo-city) via Okutama-lake to Yanagisawa-pass(Yamanasi-prefecture) roundtrip.
If a plan is decided, I intend to invite all of you in a forum of TCC.
If a plan matches, Mr EdogawaKikkoman will do cycling together that plan.:bike:

Ciao Ciao!!
I seem to have had the people who were more than 100 people look, but unfortunately going together to this cycling cannot get on, taking its ease was not.
Because I think about a long-distance thing in July, I expect the, inviting it, and please wait for a next plan.
I intend to have become "Panterni" escape in GIRO and run alone today.
I report SOLO-Touring with a photograph if I come back.
Then I go. Ciao Ciao !!
I came back from the Shoumaru-pass !!

Today's cycling is reported as a promise.:cool:
It was fine and it was the cycling weather today.
As for the cause of the weather, and my leg, the surroundings were able to repaint between the arrival time to the Shoumaru-pass greatly well.
It is 1:51 of the level of 1 hour, Arrival for the first time of that time level at a pass.
Although 4km of the last to a pass was very steep angle, I went out by 38*21, :rolleyes:
finally that also of insurance-gear(I call keeping last one gear) was lost, and was serious.:eek:
Since happy young Raider had caught up, the ace progressed him instead of assistant.
Though it was regrettable, there was neither a spectator to the extent that a road is taken up, nor a goal banner in a peak, but it was a very satisfying run.

For a family's birthday party performed in the evening, the break was also boiled so so and was attached to the widow way.:D

I wished to visit this pass again with the friend of TCC very much next time.
Cycling which goes Oumekaidou to the Yanagisawa-pass in Yamanashi Prefecture is planned in July. Please expect.

Ciao ciao amico.:bike:
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