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Sha B! In Okinawa!


Peloton Leader
May 28, 2006
Man it's been so long since I have seen any TCC members. I just wanted to say hello and I'm loving the perfect ride weather in Okinawa. The wind is a killer, but the routes are awesome. No arm warmers, long sleeve jersey's, or ear warmers.....LOL.

Special hello's to Thomas, Sora, Shinobu, K Will, Chief, Yellow Giant, Nobu, Naomi, and my man Ash!

If anybody will be here for the Tour de Okinawa, let's get together for drinks!

If you need transportation or anything like that, let me know! Peace!
Hey Sha, looking forward to seeing you in Makuhari this year! Oh, and I have deleted your email address, you don't want to feed the spam bots, do you? :)
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