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Sew-on (or braided) leather bar wraps from Portland, OR


Maximum Pace
Feb 29, 2008
Walnut Studiolo makes beautiful high-quality leather accessories. Geoffrey, who is also an architect, hand-tools the leather bar tape and accessories, and does it well. Good design, architectural concepts, and natural materials.

Walnut products have been featured on Rapha Continental and Vanilla bikes, and are also on display at MOMA in NYC so you know the quality is there.

I spent a few days with Geoffrey and Valerie when they were in Tokyo - nicest people you could ever meet and live their mission statement: hand-tooled, locally sourced materials, produced using environmentally responsible methods in small batches.

Check out the pics below. More pics, installation videos, and other Walnut accessories available for purchase on our website here > http://cyclism.jp/collections/walnut

As always 10% off everything for TCC members at Cyclism. Use code TCC10 at checkout.

Braided_Wraps_7_grande_grande.jpg Braided_Wraps_1-1_grande_large.jpg
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