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Setagayaku to Waseda

Charles Barkley

Aug 24, 2008
Thank you everyone for the bike recommendations below. If you wouldn't mind my asking one more favor, I would appreciate any recommendations on a route for commuting.

I am currently living in Setagayaku near seijougakuenmae station (a really, really nice area, that I am only able to afford to live in because I am in a student dorm). Starting in a few weeks, I will begin school at Waseda and will try to commute by bike when the weather is nice.

If anyone has done a similar route or knows any roads that would be good to take, I would appreciate it.
I used to live in Seijo and regularly commuted to Ikebukuro so here's my old route (after a fair amount of trial and error).

1) The key to getting from Setagaya to the centre of Tokyo is to find a long straight road called 水道道路 (suidou-douro) on the map. It runs straight as an arrow from Tamagawa in a north-eastery direction until it gets just south of Koenji. Depending on where you live in Seijo, you can join it at Setagaya-dori or just follow the road south of the Odakyu-line past Soshigaya-Okura and then turn left.

It's an easy road to follow with the except of when it passes through Sakura-josui station when it can be a little difficult to pick up again. After you cross over the railway tracks, you'll come to a point where you have to cross Koushu-kaido. Instead of going straight on where you can see a Moss Burger, cross the street, turn right, go past the recycling place and then turn left before the supermarket to join the road again.

2) When the road reaches Honan-dori, turn right and follow the road for a few minutes.

3) Take a left onto Nakano-dori and head north for about 20 or 30 minutes. If you pass through Nakano-station you're on the right track.

4) Just after you pass through Nakano station you'll see Sun Plaza on your left and turn right at the next road which is called Waseda Dori.

5) Follow this road all the way past Takadanobaba to Waseda Uni.

Bear in mind that this is just one route that would suit me and if you get a map you'll see that there are many variations depending on what's important to you (speed, time, scenery, avoiding idiot old men on their mama-charis)
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