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Serious side effects : Hill Climbing in Shiobara

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Speeding Up
Jun 22, 2008
If you want to improve your hill climbing performance you will need to resort to drastic training method.

It is not enough to ride your bike up and down the slopes every day, you also need to be prepared mentally. Virtually you have to spend you life on the slopes. Your whole life becomes inclined - you start to live on the edge of the slopes.

Tom and me know this and we trained hard before we went to attend the Shiobara Hill Climb . When we arrived at the race base camp, we were still suffering from the serious side effects of the training.

Here we can see something that happens quite often to professionell hill climbers. Indurain, Pantani, Cippolini, Wim Vansevenant, .... nearly every great rider of his generation felt victim to this degeneration. And all of them got used to it as well. Something that is also true for Tom and me.

Read everything about Day One of the Shiobara Hill Climb race on the POSITIVO ESPRESSO BLOG.
Thanks, Torontokio.
I finally found the time to write about day 2 of the hill climb which was equally exciting, funny and I almost show the same level of poor performance as on day one. It is now updated on the POSITIVO ESPRESSO blog.
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