Sep 29th - Narita Loop


Maximum Pace
Anyone up for a flat ride in northern Chiba?

Route will be something like this:

although we'll take a slightly longer path to the Tone from Sakura, so add about 10 kms to the distance. Dead flat for the most part, except for some mild rollers east of the airport. Not stunning scenery, but pretty in parts. Fairly easy ride, unless the wind gets up. Moderate road bike pace. Roads varied but mostly quiet, especially the first half.

Starting point will be JR Sakura, but you can also use the Keisei line to Narita, or even the Hokusou line or Narita line. Lots of options, will post details later.

Rollout before 9 AM, back no later than 4 PM, probably earlier.

Tentative riders so far:


Sep 2, 2009
Yeah, I will check out all the stuff we spoke about.

Really does look like a great ride. Flat, fast, and down the coast!