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Sep. 23rd (Wed) Tsukuba Rin-rin Road 80 km

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
I extend a cordial invitation to TCC members to join Half-Fast for a ride along the Tsukuba Rail Trail ("Rin-rin Road") on the last day of our Silver week, Wed. Sept. 23.

This is a cycling path that runs from Tsuchiura to Iwase. It used to be a railroad track, and so is entirely flat. For more info check this out http://www.alientimes.org/Main/TsukubaRinRinRoad

TCC went there for New Year's in 2008.

The ride is about 80 km (out and back), with an optional hill climb at Mt. Tsukuba. This is not a difficult ride. You will need a bike bag, lights for coming back at night and spare tubes in case of phlats. Also it's real countryside, so there are stretches with out any convinees.

The train leaves Ueno station at 9:04 and arrives at Tsuchiura at 10:21 (¥1,110) Joban line platform 10. A bit faster, more comfortable and expensive option is taking the Limited Express Hitachi from Ueno at 9:30 arriving at 10:15 (¥2,520).

We can look for a lunch spot along the way, or if the weather is nice we can picnic at the park. Hopefully back to Tokyo before 6 p.m.

If you're not familiar with the Half-Fast ethos, please see our Mission Statement etc. on the web site. Let me know if you might join in, if you like, or just turn up.

I'm supposed to be training for Taupo so I'm planning to ride from Mizonokuchi to Tsuchiura (about 90km) at a moderate pace along the most direct route, leaving at 06.30. And I might ride back all or part of the way afterwards.

Keep the rubber side down!


-- Mike Sims-Williams
-- 080-3403-0239
-- [email protected]
-- http://halffastcycling.com/
Mike, thanks for the plan and invite. Normally I'd love to have joined you for this, but I'm resting a few overused joints so avoiding longer rides for a while...

It's a shame, as I'm about 40kms south of Tsuchiura and often ride up there when doing a lake loop, but didn't know about that bike path. Looks like an excellent way to get to Mt Tsukuba...
Thanks to Todor for company and gentlemanly drafting on the early-morning session.

Logged 260km today; 90km warm-up, 80km main ride, 90km cool-down. Plenty of traffic riding back to- and through Tokyo, but a wonderful sunny day for cycling with friends in the countryside.

My Assos is grassos.


Thanks for the ride Mike. Glad to hear you made it home safely. Hopefully traffic was not too bad.
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