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SEO FESTIVAL 2009 (Nov 29)


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
This is the 4th Annual SEO FESTIVAL. (Narita/Shimofusa Friendly Park near the Tone river)

Now accepting applications.
Getting bigger and better each time which means more popular.
The event is aimed at introducing beginners to racing but will cater right up to the highest level as well.


I have no chance in my level as it was just too fast for me last year with too many people.... so I'm toying with the idea of going in the highest level just to see how long I can hang on for. Will be the same result for me as last year probably DNF but at least it will be a faster, smaller safer pack to race with and I might even learn something.

Serge, are you going to go back and improve on last year's great debut?
Trucksan? (In your back yard this one)

End of the season and warm up for the Tokyo Xmas Enduro....

Thanks for posting it, Pete!

I will join this year as well. Distance-wise this one looks good - 初級者(JCRC-D,E相当)/10周/15km. But I wonder if it suits me experience-wise..

Really looking forward to it anyway! :cool:
I`m not JCF? JCR? registered. Can I enter 30km race?

anybody can join...

30km was too hard for me last year.
There is a slight hill every 1.5km and after about the 10th lap it takes too much out of me....

If you haven't raced much do a shorter race... they are all at a fast pace and all will be hard.
This looks very interesting!
Thanks for the heads-up, Pete.

Haven't decided if I'm doing it this year; there's a chance I'll be out of the country around then. Still, if I'm not doing it but am in Japan, I'll definitely ride out to watch.
anybody can join...

30km was too hard for me last year.
There is a slight hill every 1.5km and after about the 10th lap it takes too much out of me....

If you haven't raced much do a shorter race... they are all at a fast pace and all will be hard.

Signed up for the 30km race today. The map says the "hill" grade is 5% which doesn`t sound too bad.... until probably about the 10th lap! Anyway its too far to travel to only race 10kms!!
What was the winning time last year?
The average speed for the 30km is close to 40kph.

I always tell people to train for this (on a roller) to do 40+kph fast for 2 minutes and 50+kph faster for 1 minute X as many times as you can. (roughly). Intervals like this will prepare you for the hill. Yes, it is a tiny hill but it starts at the bottom of a hard 90 degree right hand bend. As most races go anti-clockwise in Japan (except maybe the TOJ at OI.)right hand bends like this are rare and therefore a lot of accidents happen on the corner. People aren't used to turning right at high speed.

As you come out of this corner try and stay in the center of the course. To the left are bushes that over hang onto the course. Taller riders get hit in the face here and end up sliding along the curb as their feet slip out of the pedal to balance. If you go to the right hand side of the corner people try to cut you off as they squeeze around the corner. (Best to be up near the front). :warau:
tough crit race

Pete thanks for posting.

I will join up , I think I will opt for 30 kms , 15 is just to little for me . With age it takes me a bit of time to warm up, hopefully not 31 kms .
As you say, it is in my back yard,I ride it every now and again. How about a day training there Pete , maybe a week or so before .
Anybody from Tokyo area is welcome to come to narita and leave there gear at my apartment before the ride down there which is about 35 mins.
Signed you up for the 30km today Dave.

The 45km and 30km race are still accepting entires...
all the others are full...
I wanted to ride out there as they told me the parking will be hard...but if it's raining??

I have Dave's paperwork too and last I heard is he has to work that day.
He may be willing to let somebody ride under his name... I was going to fill in if he is busy but last night's training told me to get fit first... :eek:

If anybody wants to enter ( I can get the name changed easy enough to make it official). Let me or Dave know.

My plan is to be a cameraman for the day and possibly drink a few beers while I'm there...and bike or train it home...
I am in for the beer! :D
Are there any breweries around?
I really miss fresh beer here...
Looks like they removed the access map! Is Narita the closest exit on the expressway? I`m thinking 2 hours from Meguro about right?
Two hours sounds about right... If equally convenient from Meguro, I usually find the Higashi Kanto is marginally less likely to be hit with jams than the Keiyo.

Narita exit is good--head away from the airport to the 408, then right on to the 161 will take you right there. Might be a bit of traffic through Narita, but it's all clear after that.

Good luck tomorrow. Looks like the rain is going to hold off until the evening, so I'll prob. ride out around 11ish or so.
I'm going to ride as well... will take it slow and easy. Hope to make it for the first race at least....
Zenbiker: Don't know how I couldn't see you. (well camouflaged).
I got a lot of your race on vid and will edit it all and put it on youtube soon.
Here is the finish (guy in my team won).


Sergey: This was really a shocking finish... :eek:


It was very weird watching races rather than the usual routine of warming up, psyching up, overcoming disappointment...
3 or 4 beers helped as well.
Guys, can we have a bit of info please?? It's not quite clear from the video...

Sergey, I hope you're alright!
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