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Seo Cycle Driving Directions


Does anyone have any good driving directions from Yokohama to this store? I'm hoping to pick up a new mountain bike and would like to drive up and check out their store as everyone has sung their praises!

Thanks in advance.

Are you 100% sure that is the store? As it's our team's main store. They do have other stores around Chiba as well.

To get there.....

Drive to Nagareyama IC or Misato IC on the Joban Expressway.
Then you need a good map to Shin Matsudo station or (following the Musashino line from Misato which may be easier than from Nagareyama).
The train line will be Misato Station--->Minami Nagareyama station---> Shin Matsudo station. (almost parallel with the road)
In Shin Matsudo you need to find the Daiei department store which is the largest shop around. From there it is easy. Look for the Mitsubishi bank on the corner and SEO is behind there... Mitsubishi-->...Funeral Home-->...Indian Restaurant-->...Parking lot-->... SEO. There are 2 parking spots across the road.

I'll PM you my mobile number and if I'm available I could try and guide you in personally.

They probably have about 10 or 15 MTBs in the shop....hope there is one that suits you or you can order one. The older stock is usually a good price here.

Cheers, thanks!

I was reading through older posts about MTB stores and someone mentioned this one might have some. Would other branches potentially have more then the main store? I'm looking for a Fisher bike.
If you paste this into google maps (Japan) you can find it easily.


Saw a Fisher in there recently and other stores may be better. SEO in Funabashi is good too (there are 2 in LalaPort there.

It's always a lottery that they will have a bike in the right size, brand etc...but then you may find something better and cheaper.

I wanted a TREK MTB but they called me up with a nice SCOTT that was better and cheaper. I took it.

I could have a look in there tomorrow or Friday and snap some shots of what they have for you....
That would be awesome, I was thinking of going today but the rain has turned me off. If you happen to be in there it would be much appreciated, but please don't go out of your way (and don't worry about pics, just a name/size/component group will be ok).

I'm looking for anything in a 13" (or 14" depending on geometry) size. Prefer XT components, but will take a mix.

Thanks again :)
No worries...I'm thinking I'm going to have to order from the US as it's about 1/2 the price. Not giving up hope here though :)
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