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Sell my Track Bike


Mar 16, 2009
I am selling my track bike.
Frame: Durcus 1(Yellow/Black)
Fork: Ares Pic Fork(black)
Stem: Thomson Elite 9
Bar: Se Bikes Bullhorn
Seat: San Marco Regal
Crank: FSA Track Crank
Sprocket: Sugino RD Messenger
Front Wheel: Navatec hub on Velocity (BLACK)
Rear Wheel: Formula hub on Alex rim(red)
Carnival Lockring(red)

All for 52000yen or would trade for a Fuji Track in a good condition. Don`t mind stickers or scratches.
I live in Kawagoe, Saitama.
PM or mail to [email protected]
Will update pictures when iam out of the office!
I recently tried to set up a TCC ad for some things via the classifieds, it didn't work out well at all. (a horrible experience, it still isn't right since I frustratedly gave up on editing/doctoring the initial attempt)

Without getting into those details, a post like this one would be easy in comparison (easy-to-post pics, text, etc., so...)

...Is it okay here at the TCC forums to place ads/classifieds as has been done right here???

Doing so would have been far easier in comparison. I'm still not sure what I was doing wrong with my initial ad/post in classifieds.

Is there a FAQ around that explains how it has to be done there?

If not, I'll just post my ads here in the gear section, and leave the classifieds for others to figure out.
jutaro--this is nothing against you, I'm just wondering about the board etiquette. I wish you luck on your sale.

My attempt at placing a classified ad was a failure (and I do think that I am at least a little forum-savvy, tho that part of the TTC board has me stumped).

Having failed with the classified, my gut said, on the one hand, to screw any forum rules and just post what I want wherever (since the other attempt at posting a classified didn't work), but my mind won out and I just left it all alone.

In the end, someone did contact me and I actually sold something. But that seems to have been a fluke--I tried to give, and I could have given much more info/detail in my ad (lots more text & explanation, pics I'd taken, links to the same product being sold retail, etc.), but tho I tried editing it a few times, that stuff never appeared in the ad...

A lot of stuff that I thought I was posting in my original try simply didn't appear in the resulting classified ad. time spent on designing a good ad and providing info was wasted.Almost a dozen paragraphs and items became just a few short, cryptic words. And after that, tho I tried a couple times, trying to recreate what I'd originally written, the ad seemed to be un-edit-able.

*unknown smiley* (for total frustration)
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