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Michel Angelo

Jan 14, 2006
Hello, friend!
Last night I visited TCC Bulletin Board and joined to see much about its activities behind this screen.
I love riding road racer and talking about relevant topics with friends who can share time and interests in bicycle jargon.

I'm really looking forward to get any info on the club meetings and tours to join.

Hi airtrain,

thanks a lot for joining the TCC Forum! We are still working eagerly on the content of the website, so please keep checking back. We are also planning our next ride, hopefully in February. You can read about our first tour here.

Please feel free to start any topic here at the forum, you can also show off any pics of your bike(s) at the the gallery. :greets:
quickest encouragement

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your quickest encouragement to make me feel at home with this foreign web site. I'll be looking forward hear from you about coming run.

I am actually impressed that you found us, since we haven't spread the word yet. Please feel at home. By the way, you can also post in Japanese here.
switched to group tour

:bike: Hello friends,

It's really exciting to communicate over bike and relevant topics through cyber world.
Because I have been riding on a road racer alone, and I had slightest chance to talk
with someone over bike.
I enjoyed solo riding, but I switched my riding style to group tour riding.
Now that I might have friends on TCC, I eagerly want to know the outline of its activities
and area / frequency they are mainly driven out.

Dear Thomas, thank you for your deepest consideration, but luckily as I am trilingual
(English/ Spanish/ Japanese), TCC site allows me really very nice circumstances
to write down something. So, let me try to use appropriate language according to the seen, thank you.

Hi airtrain,

thanks for your detailed post. I am really looking forward to learning more about your tours and your general experiences with biking in Japan. What equipment are you using?
favorite bike road

Hi thomas,

Thank you for the latest response. I ride on favorite FELT and with it I practice mostly on Tamagawa Cycling Road where we would enjoy very nice scenic beauty along side of river and perfect riding with the road condition in terms of pavement for bike. Also practicing on the road would be really courageous because usually many alike athletes like me practicing their own training menu. The road is mainly for pedestrian or jogger and we have to take too much care of them. Another favorite road for bike is Nogawa River Road. Above two roads for bike are near from my house.
Anyway, it's really nice talking to you friends of TCC.

こんばんは。airtrainさん、日本語担当(?:warau: )のSoraです。


活動に関する件ですが、関東一円を中心にオフィシャルなツーリング:bike: は最低年2回、ミーティング(宴会:beer: )は3ヶ月に一度ぐらいで長く続く活動を、と考えています。




TCCが楽しい憩いの基地であることを 期待します。と、同時に楽しくなるように、

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