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Sep 3, 2009
A simple self introduction.

I'm Rommel a Filipino currently residing in Setagaya-ku. For the past ten years I've moved around a bit. Manila -> Tokyo -> Manila -> California -> Tokyo. I don't drive as I prefer 2 wheel riding better.

Rode on-and-off back in the Manila with a road bike that I borrow from my uncle. Didn't ride when I was in California, used public transport instead. Recently I got me a bicycle (silver giant escape r, mtb with road tires, with pink grips), and I'm riding for recreation and to keep me fit at this time. I'm still not comfortable in riding the busy and (sometime) chaotic streets.

On weekends I do early morning (4am or 5am) solo rides. Looping from my apartment, to Komazawa-koen for some warmup laps, then up some small hills, to Tamagawa, and ride a leisurely pace along the Tamagawa cycling road. By 10am I'm already wolfing down pancakes at the local McDonald's.

Hope to see some of you on the road soon.
BTW, my Japanese is very poor.
Hello Rommel,

I am a filipino too. I live in Meguro-ku not too far from your area. I frequent Komazawa kouen but to jog or use the gym, not to ride. I am usually there during some days during the weekdays from 7-9 in the evening.

I regularly ride during the weekends for far distances/hills on Saturdays and Oifuto on Sundays. I am into competitive cycling but can also do relax and easy riding.

Someday I hope we can have a chat at Komazawa Kouen. Enjoy riding and take it easy!

Thank you Thomas for the welcome.

Jec, nice to see a fellow Filipino here. You can consider me as an old overweight bloke right now. Puttering along at ave 20kph most of the time. Working to get my stamina up by taking the easy flat routes. Right now, I use my bike on weekends only.

Yeah when I get my system up to speed, would be good to ride with you and everyone else or just chat.

Have a nice day everyone. And a nicer weekend (seems the forecast is getting better).
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