Seeking Mavic spokes

May 22, 2007
I'm rebuilding my Mavic Ksyrium Elite 2006 wheelset. Interesting project for rainy Sundays :(

Turns out I need four more spokes for the rear wheel than I had to hand. The nipples disintegrated.

A few more days before Nalsima Friend comes back to life in their location. So I thought I'd ask... does anyone have any lying around that I could buy or beg? I need four. For the rear wheel. They're 310mm long and use the smaller of those idiosyncratic Mavic starwheel nipple sizes. I'm deliberately building mongrel wheels so I don't mind about color. :)

I would upload a little picture, but I seem to be having trouble with that this evening :(

In anticipation... I know Nalsima will not sell me less than ten at a time these days! :eek: