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Seeking free passage to Alaska

Half-Fast Mike

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May 22, 2007
I offered to circulate this message where I can. If anyone can help Matt find a berth on a container ship to Alaska or generate media interest please contact Matt at [email protected] --Mike--

Just to introduce myself - my name is Matthew Blake, the guy who Phil Ryan just rang you about - and who`s cycling around the world - I really appreciate any help/media attention you can get my ride!

Phil said to give you a couple of paragraphs about the ride to let you know what I'm up to - I've written a bit below but if you have a spare minute or two also check out my website - www.worldwidebikeride.com - as there's a fair bit of (better) on there.

The Route so far

I'm a Brit who on the 29th April 2008 left his front door in England on a bicycle with the aim of cycling around the world. My route can be found here - but to give it a brief outline it has been England to Istanbul via the River Danube, then from there along the Black Sea Coast into Georgia and Azerbaijan before getting a boat to Kazakstan - from there I rode through deserts to Kyrgyzstan and then entered China. I traversed China to Laos, to do a circular route in South East Asia through Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam which left me back at the Chinese Border. I crossed China again, got a boat to Korea and then crossed Korea to get the ferry from there to Shimonoseki in Japan - and as said I am now in Tokyo!

The route so far has taken 14 months and I have ridden 26,000 kilometres. I sleep by the road each night in my tent and cook all my own meals - I am entirely self sufficient on my travels.

What's left to go?

Another 50,000 kilometres or so! From here I need to find a way to get to Alaska (if anyone can help with this I'd be massively apreciative) and from the northern most part of Alaska, Prudhoe Bay, it's down to the Southern tip of Argentina, Tierra Del Fuego. From there it's over to Cape Town, South Africa for the final stretch home.


My efforts are to raise money for SOS Childrens Villages - a worldwide orphan charity, and we are raising money to build and new Childrens Village in Zambia.


There are pictures on the website but to see some of the better ones click here

That's the basics of what I`m doing but of course if you have anymore questions please ask away!

I am in Tokyo for a few days as I try to find a way to cross the pacific - today I am trying Tokyo Bay about ships and if that fails I will then be trying the air line companies - if any of Japan's media outlets can help with this or just raising the profile of the ride I can`t say how greatful I'd be!

Let me know if there is anything else you need / I can do to get this going and I hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you again,


Matthew Blake
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