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Searching for local road bike shops / Need to buy a helmet


Maximum Pace
May 28, 2010
Can anyone tell me a way to search for local (or reasonably close) road bike shops without having to call all 20-30 of those mamachari/gentsuki mechanics that every town has? Only a few of the online listings I can find actually say "road bikes" and they're about two hours away.

I need a road/race helmet since I didn't bring one with me to Japan.
Usually the manufacturers/dealers/resellers list the shops which sell their stuff - check out their home pages.

You can also try google maps - type something like "自転車屋" over the area you need - will show many mamachari shops, but also sports bike shops. You can filter mamachari-ya by checking them out on the net (small mamachari shops don't have home pages usually), or from the street view.
Also - where are you ? I bet many TCC member know every decent bike shop around Japan! Helmet is not such a big deal - you can easily get OGK or Giro just about anywhere including Tokyu Hands and even BIC Camera! More specialty helmet you can get at serious road shop like Y's , Nalsima, etc... Or just order from Wiggle (UK)

I found a shop that's within an hour's drive by searching the Specialized website.
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