For Sale Scott foil team issue


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Sep 28, 2011
Time to say bye to my Scott. Details...

Scott Foil Team issue 2013 58cm
Ultegra 10 speed.
Quarq Elsa crank based power meter 52/38
Gsastuto 50/60mm Carbon clinchers 12/25
FSA bars
Only one set of wheels with the bike. The Dura ace have been sold separately.

It's been a great bike, very fast, capable of getting the power to the ground.
All in good condition, crank has some superficial scuffs from my shoes. The seat post has some scrapes from slipping down. Chain set is well used but working fine. PM very reliable, no spikes or unusual data.
All wheels have tyres that have life in them.
If you want to have a ride I am in Nerima.
No peddles or cages.
170 000y

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