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Sayamako lake riding on this coming Sunday.


Feb 21, 2008
Dear all MTB members;

Get tired of riding with cars and signals on the road? Let's enjoy the mother nature with pollen.

I have ridden Sayamako MTB course for about 6 months which starts Nishi Tokyo city away from 20min from Shijukustation and along with 15km of bicycle road and 15km of off-road course and rest of 20km is mixed. All courses are surrounded by trees, water, and mud, but less people on the off-road course. Looks like a bear comes out suddenly, You can watch birds at the bank of Sayamako lake end of course and beautiful nature of Tokyo.

This is from beginner to intermediate course, but expert can join with a little bit of boredom
And this is not a competition race or combat. It is Fun and enjoyable riding.

Meeting point: Seibu Shinjuku line Hanakoganei station south exit

Bicycle: MTB hard tail or Full shock. Road cycle is not recommend, but can ride with endless flat tires if you want them. I have never gotten flat tire since.

Lunch: bring your own delicious high calories' healthy meal. Will have mountain forest.

Water:1 or 2 liter

I will bring big bicycle pump, but emergency patch is not provided.

Time: 10:00 AM sharp, Japanese Time

Fee: 0 Yen, Bring your lunch, power bar, water, fruit, shell jacket, radio, Karaoke…etc.. and helmet.

Give me a note if you want to go.

Thank you.

http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/jp/hanakokanei station/837088668260

I can`t make this weekend. Enduro in Saitama on Saturday.
The course looks good and not too far from where I live (Jindaiji Chofu).
I`ll be interested next time!
Can't make it this weekend...

but this looks like a great ride...would have liked to bring the new cyclocross bike out for it. Next time!
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