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Saturday Sabotage...


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
Usually my Saturday riding is sabotaged by doing stuff for the family.
Shopping for groceries etc. Sometimes to drive the kids to athletics or cleaning around the house, walking the dog and gardening.

Every Friday night my wife will tell me how my Saturday is to be ruined...

Last night I was prepared as usual, yet the knot in my stomach from having to hear what the plan is always causes some stress and consternation...

My wife did the usual warm up sentence.... 'Have you any plans for tomorrow as I want to go somewhere....
Me: No, no plans....(thoughts of riding all day in my head).
Wife: I want to get up early and go riding....
Me: :eek: :warau: :confused: :) :angel: :bike:
Lucky you, I am missing an opportunity to join a Kobe cycling club on a ride starting from Himeji (where I live), it would have been my first communal ride since arriving in Japan. Oh well, this is family life, I guess.:(

I have a cunning plan however, why not adopt a really nasty hobby, that the wife really hates, pachinko or cockroach collecting for instance, then wait for her to beg a return to the good old cycling days? Problem solved.

Could backfire of course, I accept no responsibility if you end up on the street. :D

Enjoy your ride.
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