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Saturday Recovery Ride (HR1)


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
After the exertions of last weekend I'm planning a recovery ride this Saturday.
The pace will be relaxed-moderate.

The route is from Takao station, west to Sagami-hara, around the south side of Sagamiko, south towards Aone, returning to the west end of Sagamiko, with a crossing of Wadatoge to give us a downhill run back to Takao. Distance just under 70km.


Meeting point: Takao station south exit, the same side as the Keio line (and the bakery :)) A few trains arrive around 9:30 so I will roll at 9:45. Let me know if you're interested.

Nice route - i like this area (around Sagamiko), but can't ride this saturday :(
I will probably ride this route by myself on sunday.
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