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Saturday, June 4th - Green Line Area


Maximum Pace
Jun 1, 2010
When: Saturday, June 4th @ 7:30am
Meet Location: Family Mart, here: MAP
Distance: 160-180km
Climbing: 1500-2000m

The basic plan is to ride up the Arakawa, out to the climb, up to the Green Line and from there some yet to be determined descent and loop back to Tokyo. Expect minimal traffic and congestion, and long turns between when you actually need to stop and put your foot on the ground.

"Beginners" welcome. The term "Beginner" being relative to TCC standards, of course, not true beginners. If you think you can manage the distance and climbing listed above, and can cruise in the flats at 28-32km/hr this would be a good ride for you. Anyone who did Tim's "beginner" Tomin no Mori ride will definitely enjoy this.

Thus far Takaaki has told me he'll be joining me.


Sep 2, 2009
I am working both Saturday and Sunday this week :(

You out and about on Monday, by any chance?


Maximum Pace
Jan 16, 2011
I was beaten by the strong head wind (again!).
But rest was awesome as usual, quiet rindo, cool breeze.

Thanks Pete and looking forward to the next ride.
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