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Saturday, July 3 - TORTURE RIDE


Jul 30, 2009
Will start Shinjuku 6am sharp. Ride out Hwy 20 to Takao. Then continue up Hwy 20 to Fujino. Up & over Tsuru Toge. Continue up Hwy 18 to Hwy 411, where we will take a right down to Okutamako. Cross the bridge and take the back way up & over, down to Uenohara where we hang a left on Hwy 20 for the ride back to Shinjuku.

I will be going. Anyone else interested?
Morning coming early!

Gotta' leave work. Will be Sal, Zanie, and me. See how far we get in the rain.

Try to catch Akiko on Sunday for Wada Toge too!
Nice job Andy--that's a heck of a lot further than the Tsukuba ride...
Thanks Phil!

I want to go out with you crazy guys again and see how long until I get dropped...

The wife and I will join the Shine On! charity ride in Norikura. July 24/25.

Meanwhile, we will continue pulling tires down the Arakawa for fun. What a hoot!
I'm in! Boso sounds wonderful!

We will go out and torture ourselves again on Saturday...
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