Ride Saturday, Feb 14, Miura/Shonan

Hello Everyone,
We've planned a little round in the Miura/Shonan area. At the moment we're two, but it would be great to have some more joining.
Route: zig-zagging through Miura towards Jogashima (doing some short climbs here and there) and then heading along the coast towards Enoshima, Chigasaki or further (depending on legs, time, weather and whatnot)
Details: (tentative) Kanazawa-hakkei - Zushi - Shonan Village - passing Takeyama and Mt.Fuji (on the Miura peninsula) - Jogashima - 134 towards Enoshima/Chigasaki
Meeting Point: Daiei in Kanazawa-hakkei (but anyone is welcome to join anywhere on the route)
Time: 8:00
Pace: moderate (not too slow not too fast, just right - whatever that means)
Distance: 80+km (or more when your legs take you)
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Ups, thanks for telling, but I've got no clue what happened and how to fix it.
I uploaded images into an newly created album and then tried to include those images into the post.
Something must have gone wrong or I just don't get how to share images or make images public.
Helping hints and ideas are welcome.
By the way, Map2 was kind of redundant and therefore left out.
I'll check RideWithGPS for the next time, for now it's GoogleMaps and Paint. Sorry.
Best weather and a beautiful view of Mt.Fuji, overall a great day for being on the road.
It was a fun little ride with some short and sharp climbs here and there.
Due to my schedule we had to cut the planned route a little short.
Here is the actual route of yesterdays ride:
The Miura loop is on again this weekend.
Saturday, same time, same place, but a slightly different route.
This time I've got a little more time and riding towards Enoshima and Chigasaki after some short climbs becomes a realistic option.
I haven't figured out the details yet, but I want to pass Mirurakaigan to check for the cherry blossoms along the Keikyu line at some point. Therefore I've to leave out one climb, but I'll try to find a substitute for that.