Saturday, August 27th - Tsukuba-san


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Jun 1, 2010
Tokyo (Nezu)
To mix it up, Takaaki-san and I are riding out to Tsukaba-san this coming Saturday. We'll be riding out from Tokyo using the Edogawa, Unga Canal, and some other back roads to try to avoid traffic on the way there. Once we've done Mount Tsukuba we'll ride to Tsukuba Station and take the Tsukuba Express back to Tokyo. Food and breaks will be taken as needed. Don't forget your bike bag.

Meet Time: 7:00am
Meet Place: Route #6 & Edogawa (HERE)
Distance: 100-130km
Oct 15, 2010
I have Saturday off, and have not had a chance to go on a long ride since we went to Chichibu for the flat fest, I guess before summer even started.... So sad I did not get a chance to do more riding this summer...

Can you kindly post the rough route? I would like to get a 200KM trip in this summer and this will be the last chance according to my work calendar.... I have a bike bag, now thanks to Lawrence, who gifted one of his to me, he was not happy with.

Any deets on the trip? Super hilly? You said mix it up a bit, so I was wondering what you meant by that.... Is that to justify you are coming back by train and only doing 100k? :)


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Nov 30, 2010
This is so convenient for me. Count me in plz.
I won't take train to return though:p

I've been to Fudo-pass via Edogawa-Canal-Tonegawa-Kokaigawa, and I'd say it's 100% flat until you reach Tsukuba area.


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Alternative ride for tomorrow

For ikedawilliams and other fit & trained riders :D, here is tomorrow's ride alternative designed to avoid (if possible at all) the rain (probability much lower in Kanagawa/Miura than in Okutama/Saitama this Saturday).

Will leave from Koremasa bridge (Tamasai near Fuchu) at 6:30 precisely.

* Basically flat course - some climbing as we approach Odawara
* Conbini and other stops will be kept to minimum (i.e. few & short - not a social ride :eek: )
* Brisk (but not race) pace guaranteed
* Many bailout options (bring your parachute :rolleyes:)
Oct 15, 2010
This ride is on (like Donkey Kong)? I thought everything would be cancelled because of the rain today... Just double checking. The Accuweather forecast does not look so bad.