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Ride Saturday April 23rd - The All Over The Shop ride


Maximum Pace
Sep 20, 2012
Heading out tomorrow morning for a ride up in the north of Saitama. Meeting at the spaceship at 7:30 but please let me know if you are coming because otherwise, I'll join the river further up the route.

Meeting point - The Spaceship
Meeting time - 7:30
Distance - 210km return
Elevation gain - Probably a little under 3000m
Pace - Zippidy zang

Route here


Speeding Up
Dec 8, 2014
I'll join for the first bit again. Not sure what Zippidy zang pace is but I'll try to keep up until the start of the hills. Will be in my spot at 7:45. I have a route planned back to Kumagaya Station.
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