Saturday and Sunday Oifuto

This Saturday and Sunday (10th and 11th) I am planning to go down to Oifuto for some training. Unlike last time this won't be a hammerfest but rather just to keep the legs fresh and the blood flowing. Speeds are going to be around 30-35 km/h. Same meeting place as last time, I will be starting at 7:30 and ending at 9.

If anyone is interested in joining me please let me know! If the weather looks bad Friday night then I will cancel.


Speeding Up
Apr 30, 2008

You sure you want to do that?
I work Saturday anyway. But I would hasten to recommend Arakawa over Oi on Saturday. Sunday, no problem.


Maximum Pace
Dec 4, 2006
ditto. i rode there on Saturday once for one lap and went elsewhere. There will be trucks parked in left lane (everywhere) and fast moving truck traffic in second and third lanes. dodging passenger cars/minivans/small trucks on koshu kaido is one thing, but dodging Japan's equivalent of 18 wheelers is quite another.


Speeding Up
Nov 4, 2011
was planning to say I'm in on Saturday but before I posted I went down stairs to eat dinner and on the way back to my room somebody opened there door into my heel and cut it real nice :mad: I'll see how it feels on Friday night and I'll let you know Eric
Since you're close to race, I'd suggest Arakawa on Sat. Plenty of 5km options for preogressive intervals and sprint training. Plus my hiki tirres are stashed there as well. Man up.
Was this for me or Daniel, lol!

There are so many options for Saturday but I have to be at work at 10am so I can't really spend 45 minutes commuting each way from the Arakawa. The Palace and Oifuto are within a reasonable distance where I can get in good riding without having to be out the door at 5am.