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Ride Saturday 23rd August


Maximum Pace
Sep 20, 2012
Hi all
Does anyone fancy a ride tomorrow? In thinking of heading up to the usual area (Tokigawa, possibly Higashi Chichibu for a ride. No route planned yet but will be less than 200km with the ride home (obviously less if you wuss out and get the train home ;).

Edit- Ok, I have just made a route. It's not as short as I had originally thought. Here is the route

From the spaceship and back it is 217km with around 2500m of climbing.

It's pretty late now so I'm guessing nobody will be joining me, but I'll be at the spaceship around 7:30am. Please let me know on here if you plan to ride (as I might wake up in the morning, roll over and go back to sleep if I'm riding by myself).
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Maximum Pace
Sep 20, 2012
So nobody wanted to come out and play on Saturday so I went for a ride with me myself and I.
I left home pretty late (8am) and followed the route I had planned. The mountain roads were really quiet all day, apart from a few stupid idiots driving those [email protected] 4x4 keicars way too fast. Two almost hit me.
The weather cooperated all day and I stayed bone dry (not counting the 27 litres of sweat I lost along the way).
I did a similar route a month or two back with Tobias, Martin and Andy. On that day we got lost as we missed a right turn after dropping down off Jyomine. This time I found the turning but knowing what I know now, I wish I had missed it again. The road was full of very sharp big rocks which called for a number of dismounts and walking so as not to puncture.
The temp wasn't extreme but it wasn't what I would call pleasant. I hit Shiraishi reasonably hard and was only about 20 seconds down on getting a PB on the climb.
I ended the day with a reasonable 221km and just under 3000m of climbing.
And now a few pics

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Nice little creek


Spot the freak


A mountain


Arakawa clouds
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