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Saturday 15th May Hillclimb Training Ride


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
With the Fuji and Utsukushigahara Hillclimbs coming up soon it's time to build speed and power!
Any Speedy Gentlemen or Ladies are welcome to join me on Saturday. Here's the route:


Plan is to attack Kazehari Rindo as hard as possible, regroup, normal pace over Kosuge and back to the ramen shop, then hill intervals up Tomi no Mori, with a final roll back to the starting point.
Meeting time 9:30 at Musashi Itsukaichi Station. Riding time 10am.

AlanW, myself and a friend plan to be out that way on Sat. but are in no sense speedy. Our training goal is to not have to walk too much! Try not to knock us over as you whizz past ;)
Will try to hit this - at least the first nasty section. Gotta be back by 3pm, though - so might have to bail early.
Thanks for showing me this great road! I managed to get a few circuits in on the short pitch and it was just what the doctor ordered! Then headed back to Tokyo and managed to make my 3.00pm So it was great. Naomi's a great pace partner and challenge to stick with! Fun ride.
How was your ride guys? I was very tempted by this one but after I put off Mikuni last week I was keen to get out there and do some power training. Got my PB on the second run, 33'35. My first attempt was 33'41 so I was really hoping to crack 33 mins but it wasn't to be. Man that is one killer climb, and I think I suffered more in the last 1.5 km's. It's really nasty how it flattens out then kicks up again just before the end:mad:

Clay, what was your original hall of fame time? 32 something?
Did my first Kazahari Rindo (followed by my first Matsuhime-toge) today.

Not going to even think about my time (Need a calendar! :eek:) but didn't have to walk at all. Was expecting to be able to heartily hail the TCC crew but saw only one other cyclist between 10 a.m. and the top; he, a gaijin, summited, turned round, and went back down. Huh.:p

HF Mike
My old Mikuni time was 32:30... your time is pretty damn close Mike!

Thanks Alan, Naomi and Tim for the ride today. Great PB-busting weather! I beat my old time up Kazahari by a fair margin, Thomas, can you please update my time to 26:46 (proof is attached below - I was aiming to stick at 90% MHR and it worked out well. :thumb:)

Plenty of mad motorbikes out on Tomino no Mori today - Alan and I watched as a clown overshot the corner and at low speed (about walking pace) wedged his bike between a concrete wall and a power post. :confused:

ps. that gaijin was probably me - I summited and then went down to meet up with the other guys.
Good ride today. Some slight navigation errors by me as regards which turn-off is really Kazehari rindo (note - not the one I originally thought - ooops! Became obvious when the track first turned to gravel then just stopped).

Good training on Kazehari, kept the pace on the climb by the Miyagawa (Otabatoge?) and turned up the hurt with some intervals coming up Tomi-no-Mori. As Clay stated, a motorcyclist was so awestruck by our speed he drove straight into a telephone pole :eek:
Several fun downhills too, nice and swoopy.

Tim, glad you got home in time. The last part of our route we were rolling at 40-60km/h for over 20km so your knees may have blown up!

Mike, that's a great time up Mikuni. You were looking strong in Izu too.
Clay, thanks for the pull back to Musashi Itsukaichi...my legs were done in by that point.
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