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Oct 11, 2009
I'll be on the Arakawa on Sat and Sun morning doing some alternative riding. Mainly -

Sat - CX stuff. Riding the grass / dirt sections along side. Including the steep slopes up and down and followed by 1- 2km of mount/dismounts. Then finally a 5km TT (in the grass). Then do some stair climbs (shouldered bike). I can't jump barriers or run - but you're welcome to do that, too. Prefer only CX / MTB riders on this. Or - mount some CX tires on your roadbike.

Sun - Fixed Gear ONLY! 15km Tire Hiki. So - full ride is easy - easyout from Shinjuku, 15km Tire Hiki, easy ride back. Again, no derailer or coaster bikes, please.

Ride out Time: 8.30
Return Time (Arakawa) : 11.00ish
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