Ride Sat Oct 5 / Sun Oct 6

Saturday - https://www.strava.com/routes/19182539
Enzan station start, before 9am/TBD
Kitaokusenjodake/Odarumi (they're the same thing?)
Crystal Line
Rt 124/299 at the end is an optional extra - I'm staying near Nakagomi station

Sunday - https://www.strava.com/routes/20699917
Shigeno or Komoro station start - probably doesn't need to be too early as not excessively long/doesn't have as much elevation
Up Rt94 or the Cherrybark Line - anyone done these/have recommendations?
On to Tsumagoi Panorama Line, up Asama Shirane Kazan Rt to Manza, then Rt502 to Nozawa

Perhaps a little out of the way from Tokyo but anyone wants to join they're more than welcome
Has anyone been to the Tsukishige Observatory? It's either this section, or Odarumi Pass - both is too much (I'm carrying a couple of kilos of gear). Might be swayed towards Odarumi as it's out and back, and I can probably stash my gear somewhere and climb unencumbered

Fantastic day out for Odarumi and Crystal Line, and both amazing roads. Was a little uncomfortable in the sun with my undershirt for the first section of the climb, but definitely appreciated it later on and on the following day. Food was a little hard to come by - the cafe/restaurant at the corner of Odarumi/Crystal Line was shut that day. Luckily I brought along 2 bananas and 2 onigiri, which got me through to Mizugaki.

Second day a bit of an adventure - the Manza climb crosses *over* the Tsumagoi Panorama Line so I had to do some bush bashing... (Took this route as I didn't want to descend Manza-Kazawaguchi just to climb back up again).

Was very happy for undershirt (and arm warmers, neck warmer, head warmer, vest and rain jacket) as it was quite misty and drizzly from Manza/top of Shibu Pass all the way to Nozawa. Caught a cold last time descending to Yudanaka but unscathed this time. Would really like to have seen the road from Shiga Kogen to Nozawa on a clear day - was quite nice but didn't get any views due to mist/drizzle, and I imagine it would be quite pretty.