Ride SAT, May 24th - Musashi-Itsukaichi to Hadano


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Sep 28, 2011
Just FYI, RWGPS has majorly redone their altitude algorithm for routing. It seems to be much more accurate now! I'd say it's highly likely we'll be over 3000m for this ride.
Yeah it seems pretty accurate, on our last ride it was pretty much spot on what it should have been. About time too, it was a bit of a joke really before. ANyway can't make the ride but it looks like fun so have a good one...


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Jun 1, 2010
Tokyo (Nezu)
Tobias, Chikako and I should arrive at Musashi Itsukaichi Station at 8:48am. Once we've assembled our bikes and raided the bakery, I'm estimating we should be hitting the road at about 9:10am give or take a few minutes. For anyone else training it out, we'll be at the front of the train on the Akigawa Holiday Rapid No. 1 that leaves Shinjuku Station at 7:44am. See everyone bright and early!
Dec 16, 2012
Was leaving my reply to the last minute in the hope that I can join, but unfortunately I've got too much on my plate tomorrow.

Have a good one guys. Hopefully @saibot won't have anyone ruining his immaculately-framed shots this time round. (Who was that idiot, anyway?)
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Sep 20, 2012
Asakadai, Saitama
Great day for a ride. The weather was just perfect. I met @Aron B and we rode down to Musashi-Itsukaichi. The ride down there was pretty quiet. We arrived pretty early which have us time to grab a few things from the conbini before the rabble arrived on the train.
We almost lost @saibot at one point due to his great sense of direction but luckily the smartphone lived up to its name and he was found safe and sound. Just after lunch I said goodbye to the group and headed off on my tod to double back and ride over to Hanno. I followed my route on the garmin and found that ridewithgps isn't very intelligent. It sent me down the steepest footpath I've ever seen. I had to almost burn my bum on the back tyre to stop myself from going over the bars. Won't be doing that path again. I made it up the 139 but my hip was giving me quite a bit of pain. Certainly wasn't my favourite climb. The ride back in to Hanno was pretty nice, mainly down the ome kaido.
Thanks everyone for the ride.
And now for a few pics.

Sorry that most of them are of @saibot . He just can't stop hogging the camera.