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Ride Sat Mar 4 - Le sacre du printemps - The rite (ride) of spring


Maximum Pace
Jan 13, 2015
Plenty to celebrate: successfully recovered from a decent crash a month
ago and days are now warmer and longer with spring just around the corner.
So join me for this ride to open the climbing season. Gained several
kgs and lost some fitness over the last couple of months - so pace will
be moderate and it's wait-at-the-top. I hope it will be challenging but
manageable for the intermediate, while not being boring for the advanced

Meeting place: 17 km mark on the "official" right side of Arakawa
(when facing river mouth), just under the Kohoku bashi bridge (江北橋)
at 8:30 am. Alternatively, people can join from the spaceship (probably
passing by around 9:00) or further upstream if that suits you.

It is the usual route following the Arakawa river north, then through
Hatoyama, Ogose etc. to Tokigawa. I'll take some lower climbs (200-400m)
around Tokigawa (very scenic, no traffic), before heading to Ogawa machi
to take a train home as I have to be back early-ish (by 5pm), but if others
prefer to ride back it's also an option. Route still not 100% decided but
probably will be about 100 km from the start point, elevation total could be
up to 800-1,000m or less. One climb to be definitely included is Nihongi pass,
which others helpfully checked was passable just last week
(unlike Shiraishi which is still ice-bound on the northern side).

Check out the video of Nihongi descent to whet your appetite.

Also, you can get the general idea of the route from a similar ride here.
The first 55 km or so will follow this route, but then the latter half will
differ, but end at Ogawa machi all the same.

Current forecast sunny and warmish (14C), and most importantly little to no
wind! Might want something warmer for the morning/descents. I'm also posting
this as a HF ride. Let me know in the comments or PM if you're coming.
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