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Ride SAT, June 14th - Iimori, Shomaru & Osawa-toge

Andy in Tokyo

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Dec 16, 2012
Am away again so can't make this one, I'm afraid. Have a good one. Will be out on the 21st as long as it's not raining.


Mar 27, 2013
In the following sequence:

Pic 1: Oh, where art thou, my Rapha playmate?
Pic 2: Hey, why are u taking my picture?
Pic 3: Oh well, can't help it if I'm Rapha cool.


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Aron B

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Mar 24, 2012
So unfortunately Pete and Chikako couldn't make it, and we rode with five: @saibot , @WhiteGiant , @Waichan and new member Will whose handle has not been disclosed. The weather was excellent: clear views of Fuji-san and the Nikko hills, not too hot and not humid. The first climb was gruesome as always, but the only serious one of the day. The descent from Karibazaka was littered with rocks from the heavy rain, leading to one fall and one puncture. Up on Shomaru-toge, @WhiteGiant talked us into having ジンギスカン, which came accompanied by live "music" from a "Peruvian" band consisting of Japanese 60-year olds.

After this lunch entertainment we rode to Oume or Hanno and separately home from there. Very nice ride in this season.
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