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Half Fast Sat. Beginners Haneda / Sun. Edogawa or Kanagawa

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May 22, 2007
Bikers all,

Saturday a beginners' ride out to Jonan Jima (Haneda) starting at the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills at11:00, back by 2:30. Slow and easy. And beer. :beer2: Find the route here.

And Sunday, our ride to Sekiyado Castle, rained out last weekend, is ON. Yay! Same plan as last week. In fact the same words, copied from last week's message:

Start from the Hyatt at >>> 9:00 a.m. <<< We start this ride early because (1) it's pretty far at 90km, and (2) we have to ride on Route 6 for a few kilometers, and we like to get this out of the way before the traffic thickens.

The ride follows our Arakawa route for the first bit, then we cross the Arakawa and head for the Edogawa. Short convenience store break when we get there. Then a 40km run up the Edogawa (beautiful) to Sekiyado Castle and a little noodle (and beer :beer:) shop at its base. Maybe 90 minutes there. Then 20 more Ks to Koga JR station and an express train (one hour) back to Tokyo Station.

This ride will take all day. We usually get back by 6 or 7. NOT a beginners' ride. No hills, but far and fast.

NOTE: You are required to bring along a tube that fits your bike. And you should know how to fix a flat. It's easy; we do it in about 8 minutes. We'll teach you if you don't know how.

  • A bike bag to get your bike on the train. (We favor the "one wheel" variety, which means you only have to take off the front wheel before stuffing the bike into the bag. Very easy.)
  • Bike lights. We'll be getting back after dark.
  • Beer/train money.
  • Warm clothing. It will be 19 degrees max, but cold in the morning and evening.

All from me, though Francois is planning an alternative lark on Sunday around some lakes for those of you out west. Details below. Contact Francois if you're interested (not me).

Ciao for now,

Francois's ride:

On Sunday 4th I am planning a ride around 3 lakes tsukui, sagami and miyagase
The route is as follows.
Total 78 km
Lunch at Orange Tree near miyagase
Meeting place: JR Hashimoto St. South Exit (near the bus stop) at 9:30
If interested, please contact at lancosjp07 at i.softbank.jp
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