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Ride Sat. Aug, 31 - 3 Lakes - 3 Climbs


Maximum Pace
Feb 5, 2012
This is a longer ride and the forecast is for hot partly cloudy weather so I will be treating this like an LSD (Long slow Distance), the average speed for the entire ride will be around 24-26km. There is a long tunnel around the 151-152km mark so please bring front and rear lights. Also there will be minimal stopping, water and a food stop or two, and I'd like to keep the stops brief. Please bring on-bike food to keep your energy up. Oh and I plan to train it from Kawaguchiko stn. back to Takao stn, so please bring your bag if you require it.

The majority of the ride is going to be a long gradual climb, with what should be stunning views of Mt. Fuji, and we will be riding around three different lakes around Mt. Fuji so bring a camera. This should be a nicely paced ride that will offer some great scenery.

Meeting: 7:30am Takao JR station in front of the cafe/bakery
Distance: 160-170km
Ascent: RWGPS says 7000+ (haha), so probably about 2-2500m of total ascent.

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